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Personal Health Record: A tool that saves time and lives

Whether you are healthy or have serious medical problems, a personal health record is an important tool. This is a concise yet detailed medical history including medications, conditions, allergies, surgeries and procedures. It also includes immunizations, recent lab tests, screenings and results as well as your family medical history. A personal health record consolidates all of this information into a single document that can be brought with you to all medical appointments. This article will demonstrate the benefits of using this important tool.


Choosing the Best Fiduciary for the Job

Most people have two major goals in estate planning. The first is ensuring that their wishes are honored, both during their lifetime, and after. The second is reducing administrative costs. Choosing the wrong fiduciary can mean that these goals are not met. Your appointment for power of attorney and trustee means selecting the person who will control, manage and distribute assets when you are incapacitated or deceased, which makes it crucial to carefully think out this appointment. By the end of this article you will understand the importance of making the right appointment and how to go about doing so.


Inventories: A Crucial Estate Planning Tool

When working with elderly clients who are trying to get their affairs in order, performing an inventory of their financial and personal assets is an excellent place to start. Not only does it decrease the burden on their loved ones, but it helps elders feel in control of their affairs. There is an added bonus that in an emergency this helps establish and expedite insurance claims.