Making Your List and Checking It Twice

Did you know 64% of American adults don’t have a will, including 55% of those with children? As you read that statistic, I bet you’re telling yourself it’s time to write my will. But end-of-life planning is more than that. There are questions that you need to answer and other documents that need to be prepared, including health care and general arrangements. Having a plan ready is for your benefit and for the benefit of your loved ones.

Forms 101: Mary Winners on Important Documents

Gerontologist Mary Winners outlines how to prepare critical documents that provide guidelines for the care of an aging family member. Winners uses the acronym GIFT as a simple way to trach the process. “G” is for gathering information. The “I” is for involving everyone – professionals, family members and so on. The “F” is for follow through on everything, especially all document requirements. Lastly, “T” is a reminder that family members need to tell everyone where all the documents are kept, as well as any other pertinent information.
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More ‘Black Friday’ Sales Expected Around Halloween and in Early November

If you want to reduce stress and stretch your tight budget dollars this holiday shopping season, skip Black Friday and start hunting for bargains when black cats are still in vogue.As we’ve previously reported, the annual doorbuster ritual that has traditionally taken place on the Friday after Thanksgiving to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season has already lost a lot of its luster in recent years, thanks to overhyped bargains and sometimes surly crowds.